How to Select Contractor


Selecting as example an Electrical contractor can be excruciating difficult. For one, how do you know they're qualified to help assist you with deciding how to make and keep SAFE. You want your house done to the NEC or National Electric Codes so it operates conserving energy while preventing power surges, fires and electric shock; certainly  even deaths. Then there's the worry that they won't show up, or worse, they ruin your home. Here are a few ideas to help you:


Make sure your Workmen have a license to do the work with their name on it matching a picture ID or show them the door. A License means they know what they are doing, went to school did apprenticships and passed tough tests as well as receiving manditory Continuing Education. Only trainees as apprentices can work within sight of an E2 Electrician while under the supervision direction of an E1 Master Electrical Contractor. All these 3 levels of licenses have ID cards and ca be verified by your local Building Department or County, city and State Government. Example; For the State of FL go to WWW.MYFLORIDALICENSE.COM and as well in Port Charlotte FL you can call Ben Baily Charlotte County Building at 941-743-1201
Make sure you have a descriptive Contract in detail printed with their license number listed on their Letterhead. Then understand every word of the contract or have the Contractor or his Licensed Workman go over with you explaining exactly how they are going to do their work in your home, office or commercial Building. Get the job you have hired them to do and done safely and within an agreed price. A final walk through is essential. If your company doesn't offer one, ask them to hold one for you with your contract in hand. Make sure everything has been completed, safely and to code. If your house is damaged or burns by an uninsured workman you’re Homeowners or other Insurance will void your policy and not pay the claim. Many a home burns to the grounds and the owner get arrested with the workman instead of receiving funds to rebuild. 
Insured workmen are essential to your safety and well being as well as protect your investment. The insured have been certified by the Insurance Company on their past performances. If your house is damaged or burns by an uninsured workman you’re Homeowners or other insurance will void your policy. Many a home burns to the grounds and the owner get arrested with the workman instead of receiving funds to rebuild. 


The VIVID Difference


It's our guarantee to you. Not only will you and your family see a difference, but you won't be happier with another company. We've been in the business for over 45 years, and that's given us a chance to make sure that our quality is up to a standard that others just can't compete with. Which also means that it's a quality you'll not only see, but you'll appreciate it. The decision is clear, and we're here to help you design your paint dreams.


Refund Policy - When Indian Well Country Store Inc. or any of it's dba businesses as example but not limited to: Electrical MD, or of it's other owned corporations as Electrical MD Inc, does business, it is with a valued promise to do so as stated below in all its dealings, but as limited by the following facts. We have all intentions to serve you and promise to do so to make your experience one that makes you want to come to us again. Should for any reason such as codes change, inspectors interpretation of codes, availability or other circumstances cause differences, then changes may need to be made to contracts, goods, orders, decisions and other items. All contracts are considered as final but all must agree that any of the following can change in order to do business together. An example might be a CONTRACT is subject to an increase in wired openings if code or an inspector requires additional openings or any other changes. In this example CONTRACTS are estimated by EMD on a maximum count of units contracted for a set cost. The 110 volt or less type units could be outlets, lights, switches, phone, TV jacks, and other items or just listed as general opening. 220 volt opening are counted as 2 (two) openings, such as dryers and electric stoves. This number of units is then contracted (see your contract for details) with a deposit paid for them and a payment schedule. The total billing unit count to customer will not decrease for these invoiced counts of units. The opening are laid out or explained by electrical MD. Then the count of units becomes the minimum billing. Should the count of units completed exceed the count of contracted opening, then other additional invoices will be created and payment in full due on that date. Should additional items be requested by the customer or an inspector or seen to be needed by code then payment in full is due on that date. This contract contains only such units (unless so noted) and the above counts shall govern the payment of estimated and additional units above the estimated count for each individual line item or invoice. Another example might be the listing of the Mechanical Divisions listed might not be available even though the following statement has been made. Many other DIVISIONS are also now available and upon request maybe activated. You may choose more than one and even request that we activate an archived DIVISION. Whenever we activate, establish and publish a new Division, write a specification, submit a status report, or have a request for a general addition we'll put a notice on site and notify you of receipt if it was generated by your request for membership. For submitting your request you will be given prioritized consideration to become a MEMBER of your listed areas of those DIVISIONS when it is published. Every so often we'll Archive the DIVISION until the demand warrants their activation. You will be notified when it is reevaluated for publication. We currently have a very large group Archived awaiting request. They will be listed here in the near future. Email us at to request activation of a group you might want to be a part of or just to be put on our list to receive updated site information. On line sales are subject to product availability at a price. Any changes to this may not always be able to be foreseen and as well orders may be delayed changed or cancelled due to circumstances. Each circumstance or item sold may have its own set of changes and an explanation of these changes and circumstances can be requested at as explained below. Should work be performed or an order is sent before any refund is requested then the customer agrees that no refund is due no matter what the law may require. No refund or return is the policy other than for the labor to do the actual wiring of a device supplied by Electrical MD. Should this labor not be to code then it would be followed up on and repaired and replaced as determined by Electrical MD. All and any devices, parts or other objects would only carry whatever refund, replacement or such action as given by the manufacturer, no other policy is to be unless it is so stated that it exists. Safety is a concern so rules maybe set in place regarding the presence of persons other than Electrical MD at a job site or other place. Disconnect and turn off all computers/TV/VCRs and all other electrical devices during any performance of electrical work . In some cases walls, ceilings & other areas will be opened during EMD's performance of working; damage sometimes occurs as a result from EMD's work, EMD shall to it best ability repair the damage (a fee may apply). Date work scheduled may be changed by EMD due to weather or availability of EMD. A late fee of $25.00 and interest at the rate of 1.5% per month shall accrue &/or $50 pickup fee shall apply to any late payments. Payments are due on install date unless otherwise noted. A return check fee per Connecticut or Florida Statute shall apply to all checks dishonored for any reason. ALL invoiced & other discounts voided on any late or defaulted payment. Permit costs vary as they are set by the town. If no charge for a permit is billed it means that customer gets permit. Customers demo material will be left for their disposal. In the event EMD engages a third party to collect any delinquent payment, customer will be responsible for all costs of collections, including but limited to a reasonable attorney’s fee. See for additional legal text and information.

Contract Terms and Conditions — the Fine Print
Read the terms and conditions above for full details list your circumstances and item as it may have its own set of Terms and Conditions. They can be requested from
This is a sample list of the Terms and Conditions of your contract questions should include. Your actual Terms and Conditions will be sent to you via e-mail. These will include adjustments specific to your state, if applicable.
1. Parties
2. Product Coverage
3. Additional Provisions
4. Coverage Period
5. Location of Service
6. If You Need Service
7. Moving Your Products to a New Location in the USA
8. If the Owner of the Product is changing
9. Contract Cancellation
10. Contract Limitations
11. Non-Repairable Products
12. Consumer’s Promises and Assurances
13. What is Not Covered – Your Contract does not cover:
14. Arbitration
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